Cleveland Thermal serves its clients from two plants: one located on Canal Road near the city’s Flats District and its Hamilton Avenue location on the bluffs, just east of Downtown Cleveland.

Cleveland Thermal’s pipeline consists of nearly 20 miles of piping that transports energy from either of these facilities to your building.  In fact, Cleveland Thermal’s underground piping network serves more than 30 million square feet of property. From both of its facilities, Cleveland Thermal puts out 1.25 billion pounds of steam and 18 million tons-hour of chilled water annually and is expanding to meet growing demand.

The Canal Road plant has the capacity to generate more than 450,000 pounds per hour of 150 psig steam for distribution. This facility serves as Cleveland Thermal’s main source for providing heating to its customers.

The Hamilton Avenue plant serves as Cleveland Thermal’s chilled water plant and has 12,000 tons of cooling capacity. Its district chilled water infrastructure was designed as a “closed loop system.”  This means that the water is cooled down to approximately 40° for a continuous supply to the central business district.

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