What is it?

District energy is efficient and reliable. In fact, buildings that use district energy for its heating and cooling needs do not need boilers, furnaces, chillers or air conditioners; thus saving on operating costs, which includes overhead labor, maintenance and service contracts.

And, since district energy serves many buildings, it can do things that one building could not do on its own. For example, Cleveland Thermal uses a varied fuel mix in serving its large heating and cooling network, which lowers the overall cost of energy across its customer base. District energy systems, like Cleveland Thermal, also have around-the-clock operations and back-up systems in place to ensure adequate redundancy, which minimizes potential interruptions from unforeseen events.

The extreme variation in temperatures associated with cold Cleveland winters and hot and humid Cleveland summers are not an issue for Cleveland Thermal. The district utility can deliver both heating and cooling simultaneously based on the individual building design requirements and occupant/tenant needs. Plus, Cleveland Thermal’s steam and chilled water are usable with unmatched efficiency the instant they arrive at your building.

You simply cannot go wrong in selecting district energy for your building.

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