Why use it?

According to the International District Energy Association (IDEA), most building systems run at a declining efficiency rate but can improve services and increase efficiency rates to 100 percent with district energy power. Cleveland Thermal’s district energy system also offers benefits that enhance operations, stabilize comfort levels, conserve energy and are environmentally sound.

Improved Financials
Boilers, chillers and cooling towers become obsolete once you utilize district energy power. With Cleveland Thermal, you eliminate the need for on-site equipment. You also lessen your risk and lower ongoing operating costs. This displaces capital dollars and creates additional debt capacity and the ability to reduce property taxes.

Enhanced Market Value
Because district energy lowers total ownership costs, it increases the property value as well as the building’s competitiveness in the market place.

Furthermore, valuable labor hours currently consumed by on-site equipment can be reallocated to tenant and occupant-focused issues.

Energy Efficient
Cleveland Thermal customers have been able to reduce peak demand power, and, in turn, reduce their cost per kilowatt hour. Clients have also found ways to utilize Cleveland Thermal’s additional value-added services to manage other aging systems within their building’s envelope to further reduce costs and increase energy efficiency.

Environmentally Sound
Cleveland Thermal is committed to delivering efficient, environmentally-sound thermal energy services. The company employs stringent emissions controls that help to improve local air quality. In addition, Cleveland Thermal is regulated by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) as well as the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA).

Your energy efficiency is our business. Contact us today to learn how Cleveland Thermal can become your building’s district energy provider.

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